Reflection: Trust and Respect Review of Rational Numbers on the Number Line - Section 3: Final Discussion + Homework


In order to help students prepare for their exam, I have been giving them a video tutorial to check their work.  The students understand that they are to do some problems and then check with the video to see if they are doing the problem correctly. I give the students their study guide several days before the exam.  This allows them time to do problems and asks questions prior to the exam.  I also decided to this because the parents were concerned their students weren't getting enough study time. I heard their concern and chose to help them prepare by doing these video tutorials.  I put the video on EDMODO and I send it to the parents so that everyone has access.  


Video tutorial

  Trust and Respect: Checks for understanding
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Review of Rational Numbers on the Number Line

Unit 5: Number Sense (2)
Lesson 9 of 10

Objective: SWBAT show what they know about a number line and rational numbers.

Big Idea: Preparing for a test requires lots of practice and this review will help students show what they know about how to use a number line.

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