Reflection: Student Ownership Visualizing Integers in our World - Section 2: Project


In order to add a little twist to this project, I asked the students to assign not only integers to their objects, but also, rational numbers.  Only a couple of students got this correct.  Additionally, I had the students create their own rubric.  In the past, I brainstormed with them 3 criteria to be graded on.  This year, I wanted to try something new.  I had them come up with their own criteria and how they wanted to be graded.  I explained to them that they need to think about 3 things they want me to look at.  I explained that the items that they should say what they think an "A" grade would look like, a "B" grade and a "C" grade.  Unfortunately, these students could not come up with reasonable things to be graded.  They didn't have any idea of how to do this.  Although this did not work this year, I will try it again next year.  I will give an example for them to see and then let them try to develop a rubric on their own.  It's important for students to understand how their grade should be determined to show ownership in their learning. 

Even though the rubric part of this project did not work out so well, I got some really good evidence of understanding.


  Student Ownership: Sample of student work
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Visualizing Integers in our World

Unit 5: Number Sense (2)
Lesson 2 of 10

Objective: SWBAT create a visual image of above and below sea level or ground level.

Big Idea: Making connections between art, math, and the real world helps students understand integers in our daily lives.

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clouds over the atlantic ocean
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