Reflection: Checks for Understanding The True Story of Christopher Columbus - Section 3: Independent Practice


Okay, you’ve just taught this lesson, here are three questions you’ll want to ask yourself to assess how things went. First of all did everyone have time to complete both worksheets underlining the facts and opinions - if not send it home for homework or give it a second day. Second compare the pages - does one have more facts and one more opinions - there should be a difference between the amount identified in each page to show that students understand the4 difference between facts and opinions (more facts in first/ more opinions in second). Third did their written evaluations match their markings of their text? If so - yeah! they got it - if not - is it the difficulty of the passage? lower understanding of facts and opinions? or rushing for paper completion? that made them make the errors. Questioning what was the authors opinion of Christopher Columbus in both will help to identify the areas of need.   

  assessing their understanding
  Checks for Understanding: assessing their understanding
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The True Story of Christopher Columbus

Unit 7: Explorers of America
Lesson 2 of 7

Objective: SWBAT analyze two nonfiction passages on Christopher Columbus to determine facts and author's bias and its influence on the readers

Big Idea: We need to evaluate what is fact and what is opinion to determine the truth

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