Reflection: Trust and Respect Tangrams with Grandfather Tang - Section 2: Creation of Tangram Pieces


Earlier in the day, I activated my students to think about polygons with a quick popcorn of all the names of polygons they could remember.  The activity resulted in a great reflection for my students, on respecting each other. I shared a video of this activity with my Tribes Career Ladder Learning Community.  When I went to video tape the "popcorn" discussion, almost every student dropped or missed the Koosh ball, but not one student used a put-down or interrupted another.  I work very hard with my students to be respectful of one another and to take care of their own behavior before they correct another person. 

I decide to redo the popcorn discussion, but then realize another way to have students remember to say the name of the person they are throwing to was to share with them that I need to know where to point the camera!  When I say, I need your help in filming and I need to know the name of the person you are tossing to so I can also point the camera at them, they really responded.  I am finding video taping to be a great incentive for my students. I was able to stress, and have the idea stick, the importance of saying each other's name as we speak to one another throughout the day. As human beings, we want to be "seen" by others and saying someone's name is a demonstrative way of accomplishing this.

  Trust and Respect: Popcorning Polygons - A quick review
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Tangrams with Grandfather Tang

Unit 3: Geometry
Lesson 2 of 4

Objective: The students will be able to create two dimensional shapes based on specified properties.

Big Idea: Creating rich tasks through integrating literature, positive interactions, and kinesthetic tasks when exploring geometric two dimensional shapes.

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Math, Geometry, tangram, Hierarchy of Shapes, attributes of shapes
  80 minutes
labeling the tangram shape example
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