Reflection: Perseverance Roll & Add Down the Line - Section 3: Independent Practice


I have written it a dozen or more times:  my class this year has been fascinating.  A few kiddos started the year counting to 100 and reading simple books.  A great number of my buddies didn’t know all of their colors at the beginning of kindergarten!  Differentiation isn’t just “nice” for better teaching—it is essential. 

I have been taking some of my buddies with the most limited early academic background and have extended their guided practice right into our independent practice time.  I was honestly beginning to think that I was failing… that maybe these little guys just couldn’t “get it” so early in the year, especially with so much preschool “catch up” and so many steps in these number line addition problems!  Something amazing clicked today, and some of those kiddos who could never “do” number line addition independently finally got the concept at the end of our lesson!

I had first-hand experience with the need for a ton of quality practice with our youngest learners, with lots of encouragement and that oh so critical scaffolding.  This is where that persistence really comes into play.  I knew that we just needed lots of practice, and I just kept gradually backing myself out of the practice.  When I silently was watching the students correctly perform their number line addition, I was thinking, “Mission accomplished!”  For now… we may need to reconvene our extra guided practice group again soon, but the kiddos are making progress, and that’s a good thing.

All of this wouldn’t be possible if the independent learners didn’t have meaningful practice.  By letting them use dice with “big numbers” and letting them roll & feel like they’re playing a fun, interesting game, independent learners were challenged and engaged.


  That Little Extra... Practice
  Perseverance: That Little Extra... Practice
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Roll & Add Down the Line

Unit 1: Addition on the Number Line
Lesson 6 of 6

Objective: SWBAT use a number line to add sums within 10.

Big Idea: Using super easy & inexpensive "tools," students get lots of interactive, fun practice using the number line to add.

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