Reflection: Discourse and Questioning What Are You Asking About Informational Text? - Section 3: Teacher's Turn


My goal of this lesson is to do lots of modeling, because using evaluative questions is a new skill for 2nd graders. I am opening up the idea to them that questions do not always have only one answer and that they must justify their answers with evidence.

As we work through this process, I'm pleased to see students pick up ideas from previous lessons and apply them to this lesson. We have talked extensively about using words repeatedly that are not very descriptive (good, bad), especially in some of our previous writing lessons. I was pleased to see that this student picked up that idea of using 'tired' question words and applied that to my questions. I reminded me to prompt them to use a variety of question words in their work.

  Discourse and Questioning: Using tired words
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What Are You Asking About Informational Text?

Unit 9: Questioning - Get to the Heart of the Text!!
Lesson 5 of 15

Objective: SWBAT ask and answer literal, inferential, and evaluative questions about informational text by using text features and illustrations.

Big Idea: How do you ask and answer the questions - with text, inferences or by evaluating?

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English / Language Arts, Special Education, Social Studies, Reading, Listening and Speaking, 2nd Grade, literal questions, evaluative questions, American History, inferential questions, questioning strategy, illustration
  55 minutes
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