Reflection: High Quality Task The Gingerbread House--Listening to Directions Glyph - Section 2: Procedure


When I did this activity with my students, there were children who wanted to color parts of the house as their favorite colors instead of following the glyph.  I tried to tell them that when I looked at their pictures I could tell about the child who colored it.  If they did not follow the directions, I would not get the correct "picture" of them.

  High Quality Task: Using Glyphs
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The Gingerbread House--Listening to Directions Glyph

Unit 8: A Dozen Gingerbread Treats
Lesson 6 of 12

Objective: SWBAT find sets of rhyming words and follow oral directions to complete a project. Student Objective: I can listen to the teacher to match rhyming words, and to know how to color my project.

Big Idea: Good listening skills are essential to school success.

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the gingerbread
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