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Big Teaching Tip!!

This is about the fifth time I've taught this lesson and it always ends up that the students tangle the strings when the outer planets spread out. 

I think I've figured out a solution!  Measure a little and then roll that part on a toilet paper tube, then measure some more and roll.  Remember Pluto is 39 meters away.  (Okay one of my students figured this out after they tried to re-cut all of the strings for the outer planets and tangled them again. Thank you Jon Paul for your perseverance and effort!)

  Teaching Tip - Strings
  Real World Applications: Teaching Tip - Strings
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Creating to Scale Planet 2D Models

Unit 4: Measurement
Lesson 2 of 3

Objective: The students will be able to convert between centimeter and meter measurements, draw the circumference of Earth using a to scale radius and measure, to scale, distance from the sun in meters.

Big Idea: Student astronauts explore science and math that is out of this world!

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