Reflection: Creating to Scale Planet 2D Models - Section 4: It's a Go to Explore!


I had forgotten to teach the differences between rotation and revolution so I had to stop the students in their work - it worked out perfectly because they needed the movement and the break.  I had them stand in a circle and rotate on their axis (spin) and then revolve around the Sun (walk in a circle around a center point).  It was a lot of fun because we rotated and revolved at the same time and I was able to joke with them that I couldn't do it or I was going to fall over.  It was also great because every students was respectful and cautious to not step on anything or anyone.

  Forgot to teach rotation and revolution - Opps
  Forgot to teach rotation and revolution - Opps
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Creating to Scale Planet 2D Models

Unit 4: Measurement
Lesson 2 of 3

Objective: The students will be able to convert between centimeter and meter measurements, draw the circumference of Earth using a to scale radius and measure, to scale, distance from the sun in meters.

Big Idea: Student astronauts explore science and math that is out of this world!

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