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I made changes to my lit circle group worksheet this year to better address the Common Core expectations of supporting ideas with evidence and comparing and contrasting characters and themes. The new form was taught using this unit format and students are now fully involved in meetings and discussions. I circulate and listen in on two groups a week, staying outside of the discussion circle unless the discussion director requests my assistance. This is a great way to teach students to build accountability for their own learning and talks. I highly recommend starting lit circle groups - they always impress me with their learning and insights!

Here is a video of my thoughts on the CCSS changes made:


  Common Core changes
  Rigor: Common Core Changes
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Running Effective Book Talk Groups

Unit 12: How to Create Effective Literature Circle Discussions
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Objective: SWBAT...demonstrate independent management, insight and creativity in running a student-directed lit circle group.

Big Idea: Sharing knowledge helps everyone gain understanding!

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