Reflection: Homework Writing to Compare & Contrast - Section 4: Wrap Up


To assess what students have learned,  I assign them a response activity to do at home on their own. To make it appealing to students, I have them respond online on our class Edmodo account. I like to utilize technology both in and out of the classroom so students have a variety of ways to experience learning. This also allows me to use a variety of assessment tools to formatively assess where students are and to adjust my instruction where needed.


  Assessing the Learning
  Homework: Assessing the Learning
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Writing to Compare & Contrast

Unit 5: Using Clarification to Comprehend Reading
Lesson 5 of 6

Objective: SWBAT write an informative/explanatory texts that compares and contrasts two stories in a series by the same author.

Big Idea: Students will be able to understand that they can use writing to explain or convey ideas that they have learned or experienced.

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comparing contrasting through writing
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