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I found that the children gravitated to the same children as they had in other activities.  There were always one or two children who seemed left out, so I made some special provisions for them to "fit" into a group.  Letting the children pick their own groups really established a pecking order, and reminded me to change up the way that groups are chosen--sometimes by student choice and sometimes by my control.  I think the next time I would set up the groupings so that there was a balance of abilities in each group. 

  Student Grouping: Groupings
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Cookie's Week, Another Way to Retell

Unit 2: Beginning Literacy
Lesson 5 of 5

Objective: SWBAT use drawings to retell a story while working in a group. Student Objective: I can work with my friends to retell a story.

Big Idea: Retelling a story builds comprehension. It also reinforces sequencing since it demands remembering information, events, and processes.

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