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Especially in the initial weeks of using a journal, my students need lots of guidance in what to write and how to use their journals.  In previous years, I had started journaling with my students using more expensive journals and then felt frustrated because they would skip around or waste pages.  They will draw a picture on one page, write a couple of letters or words and then write on another page.  This uses up the journals quickly, and I don't have the funding to buy multiple journals for children. When we started the process, there were still children in the scribbling stages of writing, so they were not using the pages effectively and there was a lot of waste.

This year, I began with some recycled journals and spiral notebooks that were less costly to first introduce the idea of journaling.  I monitor closely by walking around so that I can see how each child is coming along.  I find that this is a great time to have another adult in the room.   As the children progress through the writing stages, I will give them the "fancier" journals (Probably around January).

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SomeBunny Likes to Write

Unit 2: Beginning Literacy
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Objective: SWBAT use a journal to work on the fluency of writing. Student Objective: I can use my journal to write stories.

Big Idea: Daily writing practice helps students to become better readers and writers. Writing is a crucial tool for learning to read and to think across every subject area.

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