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The challenge with using round bubble wrap is that you cannot easily write on the bubbles themselves, so I write backwards on the underneath side of the wrap.  The children can read through the bubbles, but it takes some extra thinking on the part of the teacher to write backwards.  It is also important to try to give each child an opportunity to do this type of activity, because the children are drawn to it. They feel left out if they do not have the chance to try. The children love this activity, and the extra bit of noisiness is worthwhile.

  A Little Noise Goes a Long Way!
  A Little Noise Goes a Long Way!
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My Name Goes POP!

Unit 1: Small Group Lessons with Big Impact
Lesson 4 of 5

Objective: SWBAT to practice and identify the letters that spell his/her name. Student Objective: I can write my name and know the letters that spell it.

Big Idea: Students can spell and identify the letters in their names.

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