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I'm am often asked by parents, "Why don't children learn the basic facts at school anymore?"  It's a great question!  I do try to put in some time practicing the basic facts, but with the change in math curriculum it is difficult to fit in. 

For the most part, memorizing the times tables are part of my homework assignments and I know to cover all the curriculum I need the parents as partners. I have carved out time during my M.O.T.M (Meeting Of The Minds) time or in Friday math centers to practice multiplication facts.  I will let the students play almost any game as long as they can tell me how they are going to use math with it.  I have students use flash cards, web sites (use a search engine online of grade 5 (or 4) multiplication and tons show up) or a regular deck of cards.

My favorite approach this year to adding math practice  is bringing students back after they've finished their school recycling jobs.  Because they finish at different times, they've learned to filter in and join the circle on the floor.  We play around the world with multiplication or division flash cards.  It is a great use of time, while I am waiting for all to return.   My school also has started a multiplication club run by a volunteer.  The students go for 15 minutes, three days a week, after their lunch. 

  Why Test Multiplication Facts Recall
  Routines and Procedures: Why Test Multiplication Facts Recall
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Multiplication Timed Test 0-10

Unit 2: Multiplication Madness
Lesson 6 of 7

Objective: Students will be able to demonstrate their speed and accuracy with multiplication facts 0-12.

Big Idea: Fluent, accurate multiplication of multi-digit whole numbers is a fundamental skill for accessing 5th grade content standards.

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