Reflection: Modeling Fiction or Nonfiction? That is the Question - Section 2: Read Aloud


As we were looking at the different text features within the text, my students were having a hard time keeping track of what text features were already pointed out and which ones were new. I was writing the words of the text features on the board, however, they were not sure what each one was. There was no visual or explanation to go with them. This was going to be a problem later during the partner practice, when they look for different text features on their own. So I paused the lesson, and printed out the posters you see in the resource section from a teachers pay teachers nonfiction book. These helped my students have a visual and written description to refer to when we are looking for text features in the book. I left these up while they were working with their partners. I will use these as a reference point when we make our anchor charts throughout the unit.

Here is a link to some free posters you could try when teaching this lesson.


  Modeling: Too Much Information
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Fiction or Nonfiction? That is the Question

Unit 1: Learning from Nonfiction
Lesson 3 of 6

Objective: SWBAT distinguish between literature and informational texts.

Big Idea: What's the difference between literature and informational texts?

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