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I use Thinking Maps and templates every day to help organize our ideas in every content area.  In my reading lessons, I use multiple maps/templates that need to be referred back to during continuing lessons.  The maps/templates build knowledge upon each other to achieve an end product.  In these lessons I use the Tree Map to introduce the animals in the story and help link the animal with the piece of clothing it wore.  The bubble map was used to organize the adjectives used to describe the animals when they wore clothes.  Reviewing prior work helps "Warm Them UP" for Today's lesson. Today I will use a T Chart which I have  laminated and have used many times.  This is a fun way for the students to declare their opinion about a subject.  I have used their picture, name cards and sticky notes with their names so they can just walk up and stick it on. 

  Reviewing Prior Work
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Reviewing Prior Work
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Should Animals Wear Clothes? 3 of 5

Unit 2: Should Animals Wear Clothes
Lesson 3 of 5

Objective: With prompting and support TSWBAT state their opinion about animals wearing clothes.

Big Idea: Kindergarteners are never reluctant to share their opinions. In this lesson, children share their opinion with the rest of the class while learning exactly what an opinion is.

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English / Language Arts, Reading, Reading Comprehension
  15 minutes
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