Reflection: Student Led Inquiry Using Clarification to Compare and Contrast Plot - Section 4: Guided Practice


I like to use collaborative learning a lot in my classroom because I feel that students learn a lot from each other. As the year progresses, I want students to be able to facilitate their own learning by taking on some of that responsibility on their own. Using jobs to facilitate the activity was not only fun for students but assured that each student had a vital role in the activity and each group member was held accountable. This allowed each student to have buy in and feel that they were a part of the overall learning of the group but also held accountable for their own learning.

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Using Clarification to Compare and Contrast Plot

Unit 5: Using Clarification to Comprehend Reading
Lesson 4 of 6

Objective: SWBAT compare and contrast the plot of two stories by the same author.

Big Idea: Students will recognize how clarifying can help them analyze a story's plot.

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comparing contrasting story plots
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