Reflection: Perseverance Exploring the Idea of Division - Section 2: Opening Activity and Discussion


The trick to this lesson is to be sure NOT to jump in and give them The Answer or tell them that an approach they are taking won't work.  It may puzzle the students that you won't assist them in their thinking but it's a good practice.  It demonstrates to them that you truly believe that sometimes it's okay for them to just explore their own thinking about a process.  This lesson is very simple, very open-ended, and leads to very complex thinking.  It's fascinating to watch the different diagrams students will develop as they attempt to divide the bananas into equal pieces.  The way their thinking develops with each successive attempt provides a lot of information about how developed their understanding is of how to split things up, how to skip count, and what the term "equal" truly means.

  The Value of Cognitive Dissonance
  Perseverance: The Value of Cognitive Dissonance
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Exploring the Idea of Division

Unit 4: Introduction to Basic Division
Lesson 1 of 6

Objective: Students will observe and try to model slightly above-level division problems as they practice expressing math questions and possible solutions in mathematical terms.

Big Idea: The cognitive dissonance experienced when encountering novel, out of level division problems will lead to more deeply internalized understanding of the basic concepts of division to be mastered at the 3rd grade level.

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