Reflection: Checks for Understanding Thinking About Threes - Section 4: Wrap-up


A student may understand something long before they are able to describe it.  Think of the latency period all humans go through when acquiring a language!  A child's ability to explain the thinking of another can be a powerful informal assessment tool.  It indicates the degree to which they are able to be an attentive listener, an important skill to develop.  It gives the teacher an idea of their understanding of the concept itself.  Finally, their ability to reason through the possibly convoluted or incorrect thinking of another student teaches them both flexible thinking and diplomacy!

  Learning to Listen
  Checks for Understanding: Learning to Listen
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Thinking About Threes

Unit 4: Introduction to Basic Division
Lesson 3 of 6

Objective: SWBAT use Google Draw to create arithmetical patterns observed when making designs involving products with a factor of 3 and state the corresponding multiplication equation as a division equation .

Big Idea: Within every pattern in math there hides another amazing pattern!

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representation of products and dividends with some groupings by
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