Reflection: Writing Across the Disciplines Gathering Evidence to Support Opinions Day 2 of 2 - Section 4: Writing their Paragraphs


Repetition is a technique that is very beneficial when working with English Language Learners. This is not the easiest read aloud because of the rich language and the structure of the language. So I am glad I reread the story and gave them the opportunity to add details. I feel this worked well with them.

In writing their paragraphs, I wanted my students to have a choice about what details to use, and that is another reason I chose to reread the book. Rereading aids my students' comprehension too. I had planned to use the website: to make the reading more interactive and fun for them. But that didn't happen and while technology is awesome, it's always a good idea to have a low tech plan when one cannot access certain websites. 

It was interesting to read on one hand that Velvet is not odd and that Velvet is Odd. Both students do a good job of providing evidence for both cases, which is what I was looking to see them be able to do.

What else did they do well? Teaching students to indent is not easy. It takes practice. But they did well indenting. Their printing is improving because this is something I have been working on with them. Most of them had an introductory sentence, sentences that supported their opinion, and a concluding sentence. I liked how they used their linking words of because, and, as well as also. And, they made good use of transitional words.

I was glad to see different skills emerging and being mastered. It was interesting how the lesson morphed into the objective being forming an opinion of the book to forming an opinion about Velvet. Again, this is the holiday season with plenty of distractions. But, I feel in the end, my students will still benefit much from practicing supporting their opinion, so nothing is lost.

  Writing Across the Disciplines: Writing Paragraphs
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Gathering Evidence to Support Opinions Day 2 of 2

Unit 15: Odd Velvet: How do we measure odd?
Lesson 4 of 6

Objective: SWBAT write an opinion piece that supplies reasons that support their opinion about a literary text.

Big Idea: To be odd or not be odd? That is the question. Students must decide whether Odd Velvet is actually odd, and then they must back up their ideas.

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