Reflection: Rigor Character Counts - Section 4: Independent Practice


"The Born Worker" by Gary Soto is a fantastic piece to use to reinforce the skill of analyzing text for direct and indirect character traits.  The story is rich in character development and plot that the students become connected with the lives of the boys and are able to identify the indirect traits because of how well the characters are developed, it is as if we know them personally. 

This piece can be used for independent practice, it just requires the students to first truly know what character traits are, and second to know how to interact with a longer piece of text.  Once they are able to do that, using this piece for this skill/concept is a no brainer. 

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Character Counts

Unit 1: Literary Analysis: Recipe for Fiction
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Objective: Students will analyze text to infer direct and indirect character traits. Students analyze the text and infer character traits that are not stated directly in Gary Soto's easy to relate to story "The Born Worker."

Big Idea: Read between the lines!

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