Reflection: Checks for Understanding Pat the Pest Man - Count from Any Number - Section 4: Independent Practice and Informal Assessment


I was surprised that the students struggled with this concept.  It seems so basic, but again, I am asking the students to do something they are not accustomed to, counting from a number other than one.  I saw the students writing the number five and then writing the numbers, 1, 2, 3 beside it.  They are very grounded in starting with the number one.

Counting from any number is such an important foundational concept for addition, I felt it was important that I take the time to offer the students a second day of learning to reinforce this skill.  It is important to tailor instruction to the needs of the learners.  My informal assessment failed to give me adequate evidence that the students had grasped the concept.

The Common Core standards has greatly reduced the number of concepts that I have to teach in kindergarten.  It gives me time to allow for reteaching.  In the past, I have felt like I just needed to rush on to the next thing.  I think this is a real strength of the CC.

  Count from Any Number
  Checks for Understanding: Count from Any Number
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Pat the Pest Man - Count from Any Number

Unit 2: Working With Numbers 0-10
Lesson 10 of 14

Objective: Student will be able to count forward from any given number up to 10.

Big Idea: Counting on from a given number is a foundational skill that will assist students in learning addition. This lesson gives them exposure to this concept without naming it "adding".

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