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With this writing assignment, I wanted my students to see how well they understood that the author's craft influenced us to think about Velvet in a particular way. Based on their work, we just scratched the surface of this understanding. But, we cannot get to the deep without tapping the surface, so I am happy I took on this challenge with a read aloud. Because it was a read aloud, I resorted to creating the power point to make the experience more concrete for my students.

I feel the students understood that while Velvet behaved in different ways, she was just being herself, something the author agreed upon.

In fact, one student writes that she is not odd because everybody had fun at her birthday party. Now she doesn't talk about the words. One student does write how the sentences that are separate show that Velvet is indeed odd. And the example he gives due to Velvet bringing the same thing, wearing the same dress every day.

Another student writes that getting ashes from a volcano is not odd but awesome. Now on that page, the sentence that states she got ashes from the volcano is actually floating out of the volcano.

My students will need more practice with analyzing the craft and structure of authors and how the craft each author uses impacts the way we see a character. I was happy to help my students notice how an author can play with language.

  Writing Across the Disciplines: What do the words that stand out tell us about Velvet?
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Word Usage: An author plays with language

Unit 15: Odd Velvet: How do we measure odd?
Lesson 2 of 6

Objective: SWBAT analyze the structure of words and how words impact our view of the main character.

Big Idea: Why does the author make some print bold and large? Why are some sentences written separately and in a spiral? What is the author trying to tell us?

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