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Given that I was out, I was happy to see the lesson carried out by the sub. This is the second time using a read-aloud with text-dependent questions, and the students responded very well, according to the sub's notes. I thought my students did well in responding to the question, Is Velvet odd or not? What did they do well? Many of them responded with evidence from the book.

Here are some of their work samples:

One student does say that she is odd because "she brings strange things." Yes, the objects Velvet brings are very different from the rest of the students. And I can see why these objects are strange to my student. I wish he would have stated why he considers these objects strange?

Given, the Common Core State Standards are new to my students, I do see evidence and reasoning emerging in their writing, so this transition is happening. As the year progresses, I know their reasoning will deepen. I feel it is important to always take note of what actually is working so that we a clear understanding of what we do next.

This is the second time we are using a read-aloud, and it makes me think about incorporating more read-alouds with text dependent questions earlier in the year. I will continue to expose students with different titles within the band complexity of their grade level - meaning, I will read more complex story lines as the year progresses.

  Student Ownership: Is Velvet Odd or not?
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Who is Odd Velvet?

Unit 15: Odd Velvet: How do we measure odd?
Lesson 1 of 6

Objective: SWBAT ask and answer questions to understand key details of a literary text.

Big Idea: How odd is it to bring butter sandwiches to school? What about collecting ash from volcanoes? Come meet Odd Velvet.

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