Reflection: Debate Showing Understanding of the Theme Through Text Support - Section 3: Independent Learning


Students had better discussions today, but when I listened more carefully I noticed that most groups were sharing their author's lessons but were not debating which were the strongest lessons learned in the chapters. When I questioned further I found that it was that they didn't feel confident enough in their own responses to debate or evaluate others choices.

This demonstrated that I still had to give them more exposure to lessons on authors message, themes and lessons learned in the text we read in class - good thing I have more lessons to write!     

  debating stronger vs weaker evidence
  Debate: debating stronger vs weaker evidence
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Showing Understanding of the Theme Through Text Support

Unit 12: How to Create Effective Literature Circle Discussions
Lesson 7 of 11

Objective: SWBAT...demonstrate and debate their understanding of the authors message with evidence from the text "Bud Not Buddy".

Big Idea: Having evidence that supports a statement makes it stronger!

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