Reflection: Modeling Lessons Learned From Characters and Events - Section 1: Creating the Purpose


Theme is harder for my students to remember. I post an anchor of common themes similar to this one at the start of the year and for student reference all year long. 

I make a large chart by gradually adding themes as we read books in guided reading using the posters found on this website.

What I have found is that they revert to similar messages for most stories (be nice or treat others nice) and need to be encouraged (and sometimes pushed out of their comfort zone) to dig deeper and read for more meaning in the text. I have found that when they reread a story and make a chart of the events and how they relate to each other they come to a better conclusion than when they just read the story once and respond.    


  Modeling: understanding theme - authors messages
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Lessons Learned From Characters and Events

Unit 12: How to Create Effective Literature Circle Discussions
Lesson 6 of 11

Objective: SWBAT...demonstrate understanding of the theme or authors message learned from. the characters or events in the text "Bud Not Buddy"

Big Idea: We can learn lessons from the characters and events in stories as we read the chapters and make connections to our own lives.

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