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Effective substitute teachers are a commodity in my school district.  In the past I have experimented with leaving well written lesson plans for my sub  but only to return the next day having to teach the lesson again. I understand this may not be the reality in other smaller suburban school districts and in all fairness to substitute teachers, chances are they bounced around from grade to grade, and even between different schools. 

The topic of this reflection is "rigor" which seems contrary to the reality of having a substitute teacher oversee a lesson but I expect my students to eork if I'm not going to be in class.  I find leaving work for students that can be done independently is a pragmatic move when I know I will be out.

  Substitute Teacher's Lesson
  Rigor: Substitute Teacher's Lesson
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Integrated Vocabulary and Critical Thinking

Unit 5: Short Non Fiction: How it Feels to Be Colored Me and Salvation
Lesson 11 of 12

Objective: SWBAT use contextual clues to understand the meaning of a word and determine the meaning of unknown and multiple-meaning words .

Big Idea: Reviewing and re-teaching vocabulary is a good use of instructional time.

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