Reflection: Real World Applications Do you like fall Leaves? - Section 1: Warm Up


I love the fall because there is so much in the world around my students that can be used to teach academic content.  Not all of my students notice simple things such as the leaves changing.  I chose to combine the changing of the leaves with simple opinion writing.  I also thought it would be fun to incorporate art by teaching them to do the leaf rubbing.  Through the video, reading the book and partner discussion we figured out why the leaves changed colors.  I used the circle map to help organize our thoughts about the adjectives they could use in our sentences.  I always use a sentence frame to help them with their writing.  They do have to choose their own adjective to describe their leaf.  The CCSS is very specific in the importance of kindergarteners learning how to form opinions and give a supporting reason.  I try to choose fun and interesting things for my students to write about.  It is funny to see how opinionated they are at five years old.  They just need a lot of modeling and prompting to understand how to support their opinion.

  Noticing the world around us
  Real World Applications: Noticing the world around us
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Do you like fall Leaves?

Unit 14: Fall
Lesson 6 of 7

Objective: With prompting and support SWBAT write an opinion paper about the fall leaves.

Big Idea: Look at the pretty Fall leaves and write what you think about them.

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