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I choose literature circle books that involve mysteries or have a strong, consistent problem-solution text structure so that students can stay interactive with the text in smaller reading blocks. In that they are to read 30-40 pages a week, I need books that have a problem-solution and can offer a prediction for the next chapter events. 

This book I chose was not the favorite of most of my students not because they had read it already, but because they couldn't relate to the topic. I knew that it would address the areas of learning I had in the unit and that they would end up enjoying it so I kept it as our class choice. It does start slowly but I reviewed a bit about what Bud was thinking (no dad, looking for him, questioning his life etc.) and this helped students to make connections with the main character which in turn increased their curiosity and desire to read more.  

  How to choose Lit Circle Books
  Lesson Planning: How to choose Lit Circle Books
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Creating Interest - Effective Book Talks

Unit 12: How to Create Effective Literature Circle Discussions
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Objective: SWBAT....effectively choose a book that is at their reading level and in their interest area.

Big Idea: Book Walks help students to build interest in unfamiliar stories in a different genres. It builds excitement about what they can learn from reading more about a topic.

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