Reflection: Advanced Students Pulling It All Together: Parallel Lines Unit Review - Section 4: Practice Before the Test


Question #6 came with a hint for students to assign an angle measure to one of the bisected angles. This surprised a lot of the students, who were then even more surprised when they all came to the same answer regardless of the starting angle measure they chose.  

A good number of my students were really intrigued (not all, unfortunately, but a lot!).  We tried varying the measure of the vertex angle A and then looked for patterns in the resulting internal angle U. It was a great use of repeated reasoning (MP8)! Eventually students were able to generalize and to arrive at a formula predicting the measure for angle U in terms of the starting angle A.

  Advanced Students: Problem 6 is Interesting!
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Pulling It All Together: Parallel Lines Unit Review

Unit 3: Parallel Lines
Lesson 4 of 5

Objective: SWBAT apply their knowledge of the parallel line concepts to a unit review problem set.

Big Idea: Time to pull it all together! Students work cooperatively, applying their knowledge of parallel lines in preparation for the unit test.

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Math, Geometry, supplementary angles, parallel lines, corresponding angles, Similarity and Congruence, vertical angles, right triangle, Scalene, alternate interior angles, triangle, transversal, equilateral, equiangular, acute triangle, obtuse triangle
  90 minutes
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