Reflection: Student Grouping Estimating State Population Growth Part 2 - Section 3: Peer Practice


Looking back on this lesson, I am most proud of the student grouping. Over and over, I found students working together, constructing viable answers (Math Practice 3), persevering (Math Practice 1) and learning more through collaboration: Estimating the Population Growth in Minnesota. What a great day! 

Many students were able to finish, like Student A Project while others completed as many rounding tasks as possible: Student B Project. Many times, the completion was dependent on a variety of factors: math skills, partner motivation, working speed, etc.   

  Student Grouping: Reflection
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Estimating State Population Growth Part 2

Unit 3: Rounding Numbers
Lesson 6 of 6

Objective: SWBAT round multi-digit whole numbers.

Big Idea: Being able to understand and explain numbers will help students make sense of multi-digit computation and problem solving.

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