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This part of the lesson involved a lot of sitting, so I found that we needed a wiggle break for my kiddos! Below are the rules for the game I use with the class when they need a little learning break.

Students make a circle on the rug and play a version of Hot Potato that a teacher friend of mine made up. She calls it Pass the Shape!

1. I start the game by passing out an example of all 5 shapes.  

2. When the music starts, students pass the shapes around the circle.

3. When the music stops, students stand up and say the name of the shape they are holding, everyone repeats, then they continue to play.

*One fun variation is that you choose a shape that sends students to the "pot" in the middle of the circle. You can choose a shape that kids don’t want to get-that kid goes in the pot in the middle of the circle. I always choose the shape that students struggle to remember so they get more practice identifying it!*

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Here are the 3D Shapes That I Know

Unit 7: Shapes and Blocks
Lesson 8 of 10

Objective: SWBAT identify 3D shapes and describe them using key attributes.

Big Idea: Students review solid shape names from Kindergarten while also learning the language to explain their key attributes.

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