Reflection: Conferencing Early Colonial Settlements - the Why? the Where? and the What Now? - Section 4: Closing the Loop


I ended up running out of time for students to use the rubric to assess their poster to the extent that I had hoped for them. Instead I used it as a grading component for each group, I met with them independently during the next period to review what went well and what could have been improved with their poster and their group work time. There were three groups who worked well together and two who had someone who felt left out or slighted. One group had a person who didn't participate in the group time and their poster received a lower score for missing sections.

We shared their group working strategies - what went well? what they could have changed? how they felt they did on their poster using the rubric? what they learned? 

  Conferencing: timing component
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Early Colonial Settlements - the Why? the Where? and the What Now?

Unit 7: Explorers of America
Lesson 7 of 7

Objective: SWBAT....analyze and chart the three early settlements of America by evaluating the decisions and consequences made by settlers

Big Idea: Rules we follow and interests we have affect the choices that we make.

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