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At this point in the year, most of my students have grown to truly enjoy learning the vocabulary words we cover in class.  In fact, in one class today, my students actually cheered when they saw that the daily agenda on the white board included new vocabulary.

I cannot stress enough the importance of creating a classroom environment that values and celebrates the learning of new words.  This not only caters to one of the key shifts of the Common Core Standards, but fostering an appreciation of words facilitates deeper learning on many other levels as well.

I believe that one of my roles is to serve as "Word Celebrator In Chief" of my classroom.  Whenever a student uses a notable word in class discussions, I try to call attention to it (EX: "Nice use of the word notable!").  Even more bells and whistles go off if the student uses a past/current vocabulary word. When reading aloud as a whole group, I will pause on potentially unfamiliar words and ask for/provide definitions, or call attention to fresh or unusual words, expressing my enthusiasm for them.  I encourage my students to use our vocabulary in their writing assignments, and in their conversations with people, and I often get reports from them about the reactions of people when they use their new words.

I have always loved words, so it is a natural for me to gush over them with my students.  If this is not so natural to some, I offer a sage piece of wisdom given to me over 15 years ago, from a veteran teacher to me, the then-rookie: "Teaching is 5% knowledge, and 95% performance."  And while I may debate those percentages, I will say this: break a leg!

  "Yay! Vocabulary!"
  Student Ownership: "Yay! Vocabulary!"
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Unit 5: Bad Boy Part I
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Objective: Given the definitions for ten new vocabulary words, SWBAT create original sentences to share with the whole group as a review.

Big Idea: Giving vocabulary a prominent place in the classroom.

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