Reflection: Adjustments to Practice 9-11 Tribute: "The Names" and Responding to an Iconic Photo - Section 5: Two Points of View: Frank Rich's and Slate Magazine's


Overall, I'm very satisfied w/ today's lesson. If I were to do anything different, it would be to edit the Rich essay. It's, by comparison, much longer than the SLATE piece. I also told the class that I wish I had edited the piece. What I didn't say is that I had a carousel discussion follow-up that we didn't have time to complete. 

The big take-away from today is the improvement in student listening. Compared to the listening maps I had students complete the second day of class, their notes today are much more complete. Most took notes the entire time, and many indicated dissatisfaction w/ their notes when I visited w/ them about snapping photos. That tells me that they know they can do better and will next time. I assured them that I'm pleased w/ their progress and that it takes time to learn to take thorough notes. 

Several students told me they liked the lesson. This is fantastic because they were so young on September 11, 2001. Even better, they are understanding the bridge I'm trying to build between nonfiction and poetry. Rarely does a teacher go wrong w/ a Billy Collins poem, and "The Names" in the context of the images in the video is very touching indeed. 

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9-11 Tribute: "The Names" and Responding to an Iconic Photo

Unit 3: Because He Hears a Different Drummer:Various Approaches for Comparing Genres and Analyzing Texts
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Objective: SWBAT use multiple media formats to compare and contrast responses to and commemorations of 9-11, including Thomas Hoepker's iconic 9-11 photograph, which was published five years after 9-11.

Big Idea: Living in a visual, image driven world requires students to have the skills to accurately interpret the rhetoric of those images.

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