Reflection: Learning Communities "I'm with the Banned" Banned Book Week and the Persuasive Essay - Section 3: "I'm with the Banned": "Why Would Anyone Ban That Book?"


Prezi is a fabulous resource for both students and teachers. The Prezi I've shared can be copied to a teacher's account for easy revision and updating. Unfortunately, the censors among us are active and flourishing. They are now attempting to remove books from teachers' classroom libraries, so keeping up-to-date takes vigilance on the part of teachers. 

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"I'm with the Banned" Banned Book Week and the Persuasive Essay

Unit 5: The Readiness Is All: Engaging Your Students in Persuasive Writing
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Objective: SWBAT question the reasons books are challenged and banned in preparation for their upcoming persuasive essay writing.

Big Idea: Front-loading that challenges students' thinking and raises questions paves the way for real-world writing.

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English / Language Arts, Culture of Learning, Banned Book Week, censorship
  55 minutes
redacted text for banned book
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