Reflection: Student Grouping Learning to Ask Questions When We Read - Section 3: Independent Practice With Partners


I partnered up my students, making sure that a strong reader was placed with a weaker reader.  I have set up a classroom culture where students don't make fun of others who struggle for any particular reason.  I told my strong readers that they would be the ones who would do all the reading in their partner groups but their partner had to follow along with them and also help ask questions.  I did this because I wanted the story to be complex enough that there was enough "meat" in the story so they could ask questions.  I also knew that if I made my strugglers read, they would spend so much time on decoding that comprehension would break down.  If my strugglers were made to follow along, they would still be exposed to grade level text and they would still be completing the skill I wanted them to complete - asking the questions about the story. This in itself was a complex skill for my struggling readers.

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Learning to Ask Questions When We Read

Unit 12: Reading Comprehension Lessons
Lesson 7 of 14

Objective: SWBAT ask questions about key details in a fictional text.

Big Idea: Why is it important that I learn how to ask questions about a story?

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