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As seen on the video, two students had difficulty getting along in their cooperative groups.  Each student insisted in getting their way.  I discussed this issue with both students separately.  Ultimately, I had to remove one student and added him to another cooperative group, where he functioned better.  At the end of this activity, I asked each student to reflect on this situation and what they needed to improve as a member of a collaborative team.  One student resolved that she needed to be more open minded about the ideas of others and act less bossy.  We discussed further how one member's action is detrimental to the progress of the entire team.

What I take away from this interaction is that we need to do more work when it comes to encouraging students to communicate and engage in productive social situations independently. It's a process that I will facilitate and hopefully gradually release to students over the course of the year.

  Getting Along with Others
  Shared Expectations: Getting Along with Others
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Focus on Research

Unit 2: Text Features in Informational Text
Lesson 10 of 10

Objective: SWBAT identify and apply text features to locate information for research.

Big Idea: Text features have an important role in locating text evidence for research. Students will apply knowledge of the purpose of text features to find and organize key information.

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English / Language Arts, Reading, Nonfiction (Reading), biography, text features, timeline
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