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This was a super fun strategy and scholars were really able to get some valuable practice & feedback regarding writing a paragraph.  I did, however, modify this a bit for my ELL scholars.  After the first three sentences that we practiced, I pulled a small group of ELL and other scholars who struggled.  I gave them three scenarios with the SAME person who wanted to apply for the SAME job.  That way, they had an exemplar paragraph when they finished.  This worked super well!  100% of scholars submitted a paragraph with a clear topic sentence, 3 supporting details and a concluding sentence.  

  Modified a bit
  ELL Students: Modified a bit
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Help Wanted!

Unit 1: We Are a Team: Building the Foundation
Lesson 4 of 10

Objective: SWBAT write a well-organized paragraph to apply for classroom jobs

Big Idea: We are all a part of a team, and we each have a special role to play. Apply NOW!

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