Reflection: Complex Tasks Syllable Dividing Rules For Multisyllabic Words - Section 4: Independent Practice With Partners


This activity really made my students think.  My higher readers caught on to the syllable dividing rules with relative ease, but they needed help articulating why they knew where to divide.  You will see in the video that one of these students could easily divide the word in syllables but couldn't really explain the rule for dividing words into syllables or that "it's all about the vowels."  I also had about half of my class who were totally lost.  You will see on the video that one of my students had to continually be guided through the independent practice.  She was just lost and couldn't articulate any of the rules or be able to put her fingers on the vowels easily.

Even though I have students who struggle, I know I need to expose all my students to activities such as these.  Knowing this was a rigorous activity for a majority of my class I am not going to worry that all my students didn't master this activity the first time through.  This has been another shift in my thinking since implementing Common Core in my classroom.  It needs to be O.K in my class for students to walk away from lessons and activities knowing that they haven't mastered the content yet.  There is power in the struggle and this gives my students opportunities to set goals for themselves and to aim to achieve these high standards.

  Making My Students Think
  Complex Tasks: Making My Students Think
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Syllable Dividing Rules For Multisyllabic Words

Unit 17: Phonemic Awareness and Phonics Lessons
Lesson 10 of 12

Objective: SWBAT divide a multisyllabic word into its syllables based on syllable dividing rules.

Big Idea: You mean that if I learn to divide syllables I can both read and spell big words?

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