Reflection: Checks for Understanding Drafting About Famous Landforms - Section 2: Independent Practice


It is important to carefully check students’ brief notes during the research phase of the process. If they do not take good notes, they will not be able to recall information to write into sentences. For one student, the notes were too brief on a couple occasions. The student nor I knew what they were supposed to be. Luckily, the iPads were available and I was able to assist her in looking up the information again. That took extra time and she was not thrilled about having to research a second time. However, it was lesson for us both. She learned to take more complete notes. I learned to keep check more closely so that I can catch incomplete notes before the writing stage.

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  Checks for Understanding: Clear as Mud
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Drafting About Famous Landforms

Unit 14: Writing Informational Text
Lesson 3 of 4

Objective: SWBAT develop a topic with facts, definitions, and details.

Big Idea: Students use brief notes they have taken to write a first draft of an informational paragraph.

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