Reflection: Rational Roots and Remainders: Important Theorems of Polynomials - Section 4: Closure: 3-2-1 Assessment


I love doing a quick 3-2-1 assessment toward the end of a unit or after a day of big learning to help get an idea where my students are at and how they are feeling.

I like to just scan over the 3-2-1 Responses, 3 things that I learned. My students really seemed to focus on polynomial division and factoring. This makes me wonder if they’ve forgotten how to build a polynomial and how to describe the graphs of polynomials. Responses like “Funk the fake, don’t fake the funk” remind me why we don’t normally do anonymous assignments! Most of the responses were serious though and gave me a good picture of how my students felt. There was one student who responded, “I am lost.” The next day in class when we review the 3-2-1 assessments I will use this response to remind students about times they can come in for additional help.

I then use the 3-2-1 Responses, 2 questions I have to guide the test review. When students enter class on test review day they should have their review completed. I can lead students through some problems on the review that address the questions they’ve asked. Sometimes I find a common theme in my students’ questions and can really identify one or two topics they are struggling with. This time though they were all over so I will use the test review to address as many as we can.

My favorite part, is the 3-2-1 Responses, 1 thing I wanted the teacher to know. The creativity in student responses always makes me smile. I learn things about their personal life, what they are happy about, sad about, how they feel about the class. A few that made me feel good/smile…

“This class is fun.”

“Precalc is getting easier and is less stressful.”

“Help us more. JK, miss!”  (Do I help too much?)

“This classroom needs some scented candles.” (Guess my classroom smells!)

A few also gave me some great insights to what they are struggling with: graphing functions, calculator, and too much homework.

Try it out with your students. It is much more interesting to read your own students responses I imagine.

  3-2-1's... a great snapshot of class progress
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Rational Roots and Remainders: Important Theorems of Polynomials

Unit 2: Polynomial Functions and Equations
Lesson 9 of 15

Objective: SWBAT identify the connections between dividing polynomials and evaluating polynomials and determine the possible rational zeros of a polynomial using the Rational Root Test.

Big Idea: Using polynomial division students discover the Remainder Theorem & then learn about the Rational Root Test.

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Math, factor theorem, Precalculus and Calculus, polynomials, Algebra 2, PreCalculus, rational root test, rational zero theorem, Remainder Theorem
  51 minutes
polynomial zeros
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