Reflection: Staircase of Complexity Reflecting on Argument Writing - Section 2: Students Write Reflections on Writing Progress


Here, student comments reveal that he is doing a fine job of appropriating key writing attitudes and of wanting to continue to improve his work.  My goal as a teacher will be to see if I can get 100% participation from the students in making these kinds of reflections, if not now, as soon as possible.  What I particularly like about the students comments here is that he seems to be aware of what is needed to plan and execute a piece of writing (W9-10.5) and how to continue to sharpen his game.



1) I am very satisfied with my grade on the paper. At the beginning I thought it would be difficult to write an argument paper, but when I figured it out and understood it, it was easy.

2) The computer said that I was missing commas which I thought to be very helpful because it showed where I needed a slight pause. A student commented that I needed to explain my quotes more, this helped because it told me that I needed to be more in depth with my audience. Another comment from a student was I needed to connect more with friendship this told me I was being off topic or not relating to the topic. An important comment made from the teacher was to use italics on the book title this is important because we need to show ownership to the author. Another great comment from my teacher was to add a title, this is important because the audience must know what I am going to talking about or have an idea.

3) The first thing I will do on my next paper is going to connect more in depth about a quotation. The second thing is I am going add a title and use italics on a book title.  What I am going to do differently is I am going to explain or put more detail about the quotes I put in the book. Another thing I will do differently is I will look for stronger quotes that will prove my point greatly. Another thing I will do to my next paper is I will put commas specifically after a transition.


  Reflecting on Argument Writing -- Student Comments
  Staircase of Complexity: Reflecting on Argument Writing -- Student Comments
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Reflecting on Argument Writing

Unit 2: Metacognition and The Absolutely-True Diary of a Part-Time Indian
Lesson 19 of 19

Objective: SWBAT explain their progress in developing and strengthening their writing by writing goal-setting self-evaluations of their work.

Big Idea: Goal setting and self-awareness are keys to student growth in writing.

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