Reflection: Rigor Argument Writing (day 2 of 2) - Section 3: Additional Revision


Below are samples  from two student papers.  They did a really great job of selecting evidence and elaborating on their reasoning on the evidence (W9-10.1), and I am quite pleased at their work to date.  I am excited to see how they will use the peermark feedback to continue to improve.  


One of the parts in the story where both Rowdy and Junior got along well was when they were climbing the tree in a flashback. For example, in the book it says ‘’Wow, I said.  It’s pretty, Rowdy said. I’ve never seen anything so pretty’’ (226). At times Junior and Rowdy get into some pretty big fights but they know when to agree on something.  A very important thing in a friendship is to have many things in common. Whether they are little things or not they still count in a friendship.


One more key ingredient in friendship would be believing. In the book, Rowdy said, “No, I’m serious. I always knew you were going to leave. I always knew you were going to leave us behind and travel the world. I had this dream about you a few months ago. You were standing on the Great Wall of China. You looked happy. And I was happy for you.” (229)  This showed that Rowdy believed in Junior, he thought that Junior would get far in life. He knew already that he was someone who can achieve many things and go above and beyond. By believing in him and being happy for him was something that Junior appreciated a lot. All of these key ingredients come together to make a wonderful close friendship that brings people closer and makes a friendship last long.

What makes me a particularly Happy Teacher here is the rigor that the students applied to their interpretations.  Both are delving into inferential readings of the characters, not just the obvious actions or comments.  Further, both are using textual fragments that were not much discussed in class, which leads me to infer that they are beginning to apply argument more independently.  

  Student Writing - Rigor
  Rigor: Student Writing - Rigor
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Argument Writing (day 2 of 2)

Unit 2: Metacognition and The Absolutely-True Diary of a Part-Time Indian
Lesson 18 of 19

Objective: SWBAT write convincing argument of interpretation about the novel.

Big Idea: Argument writing is a central concern in the English Language Arts!

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