Reflection: ELL Students Using Clarification to Compare & Contrast - Section 3: Guided Practice


I have been trying to find ways to engage my ELL students so I've been doing some research on ways to motivate them. One of the ways I've found is to incorporate technology and to use visuals during instruction. So I looked for online tools that would help me create a chart to compare and contrast the two stories as opposed to just writing it on the board or drawing it on chart paper. By adding this strategy to this portion of the lesson, it allowed me to draw all of my students in, particularly, my ELL students. Students were engaged and were more eager to participate in looking through the stories on their own. 

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  ELL Students: A Little More Engaging
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Using Clarification to Compare & Contrast

Unit 5: Using Clarification to Comprehend Reading
Lesson 2 of 6

Objective: SWBAT compare and contrast two texts through clarification.

Big Idea: Students understand that they can use the clarification strategy to compare and contrast text.

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