Reflection: Student Ownership Proving that Lines are Parallel - Section 3: Constructing a Parallel Line


There are other methods for constructing a parallel line.  One of these is referred to as the rhombus method by Math Open Reference in the instructions I cited above.  This method is actually easier for many students, I think, but, since this relates to the characteristics of a rhombus, I choose to introduce this method in the Quadrilaterals unit.

I think it's worthwhile to give students time and the opportunity  to play around with constructing a parallel line.  I have seen students construct two pairs of perpendicular lines, and for some this method has made more sense to them.  I have also had students who are more comfortable creating a pair of congruent alternate interior angles.

  More Thoughts on Constructing Parallel Lines
  Student Ownership: More Thoughts on Constructing Parallel Lines
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Proving that Lines are Parallel

Unit 3: Parallel Lines
Lesson 2 of 5

Objective: SWBAT use angle pairs to prove that lines are parallel, and construct a line parallel to a given line.

Big Idea: With an introduction to logic, students will prove the converse of their parallel line theorems, and apply that knowledge to the construction of parallel lines.

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Math, Geometry, parallel lines, corresponding angles, Similarity and Congruence, Construction, hypothesis, alternate interior angles, same, transversal, Inverse, Converse, Contrapositive, conditional
  90 minutes
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