Reflection: Station Rotation Setting Goals, Winning BIG! - Section 4: Independent practice


Scholars ended up spending lots of time painting their puzzle pieces, but finished decorating them with glitter really quickly.  If I were to teach this lesson again, I would combine the glitter & painting of the puzzle piece and I would add a different station.  I might have scholars set a personal goal (i.e. one that is not directly related to school).  Or, I would have my ELL co-teacher man a station where scholars set their writing goals with her, then reading goal with me.  I found that my station was VERY rushed and the kids at the glitter station were ready to transition after about 4 minutes.  


  Add a different activity to one group
  Station Rotation: Add a different activity to one group
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Setting Goals, Winning BIG!

Unit 1: We Are a Team: Building the Foundation
Lesson 3 of 10

Objective: SWBAT work collaboratively to create ambitious and attainable team and individual goals for the 2013-3014 school-year

Big Idea: Without goals, we are aimless and unproductive. Let's set some goals!

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