Reflection: Pacing Why are rules and consequences so important? - Section 4: Generating Consequences


Generating rules took a bit longer than I expected.  Therefore, by the time we got to the consequences section, we were running a bit short on time.  Also, scholars had just broken into groups and were ready to do some more independent reflection.  I did the think aloud for 1 value, and then we discussed what the team response would be to each of the violations of each value.  Then, scholars independently reflected as to what their individual response would be to a violation of each value.  

  Did not break into small groups
  Pacing: Did not break into small groups
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Why are rules and consequences so important?

Unit 1: We Are a Team: Building the Foundation
Lesson 2 of 10

Objective: SWBAT discuss and collaborate in order to create team rules & consequences.

Big Idea: Rules and consequences help us attain our goals!

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