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This kind of student writing is evidence of significant learning.  While I am citing one specific paragraph here, I look across the broad list of students that I have, and I take careful notes to see who is mastering the transfer from oral to written argument and who might need additional help to transfer the skills.  Here is one student for whom this process was fluid and dynamic.  Here, she argues about the nature of friendship.  What would be interesting would be to compare to Gordy, a character who provides emotional and intellectual support for Junior when he vitally needed it; such support is not the often-considered "having each other's backs" as in the example below, but it might be important to consider. 


The first Ingredient to a good friendship is the concept of having each other’s backs in an situation. An example of this when Rowdy stands up for Junior while he is still at the reservation. On page 18, Rowdy is trying to get Junior to go to the pow-wow, “‘What if somebody picks on me?’ I asked. ‘Then I’ll pick on them’”. This shows that Rowdy is caring towards Junior and he is willing to stand up for him no matter what. On pages 21-22, Junior is getting picked on and gets punched in the face. Rowdy gets mad and does something that is the worst thing possible for any Indian. ”“Of course, Rowdy didn’t kill them, but we hid near the Andruss brothers’ camp until three in the morning. They staggered back and passed out in their tent. Then Rowdy snuck in, shaved off their eyebrows, and cut off their braids. That’s about the worse thing you can ever do to an Indian guy. It had taken them years to grow out their hair. And Rowdy cut that away in five seconds”. This quote shows how Rowdy would dare to do something so outrageous to get revenge for Junior.


  Reflecting on Student Writing
  Performance Tasks: Reflecting on Student Writing
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Reflect on Fishbowl

Unit 2: Metacognition and The Absolutely-True Diary of a Part-Time Indian
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Objective: SWBAT conduct a student-centered discussion by adapting to differing speaking roles.

Big Idea: Getting students to reflect on their classroom discussion leadership is important.

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